About my Dad:

It has been my pleasure to manage this site on my father's behalf for nearly two decades.  He started Yesterday's Radio after retiring from the automotive industry.  It allowed him to merge two of his hobbies: working on his Packard(s) and making things in his machine shop.

I've watched as Yesterday's Radio (which had its dawn in making knobs for home radios) grew into Packard parts and ultimately specialized in them.  I had a ringside seat as Dad tackled one challenge after another, putting his tool & die experience to work as he developed the molds, tooling, and procedures to make some of the highest-quality reproduction Packard parts ever made.  His parts fit and they fit properly...and his customers valued that.  I think few really appreciated how much skill it took to fabricate some of the more challenging parts.

I consider myself a craftsman, although my medium is far different from the steel, brass, chrome, rubber, and resin that my father shaped with such skill.  I learned my work ethic and inherited my can-do spirit from him...and I am proud of the work that he did that enabled so many Packards to look their best.

If you have found your way to this site, know that for 27 years one extraordinary craftsman made a difference for Packard lovers around the world. 

Michael J. Vinarcik, P.E., FESD

About my Mom:

When I first posted this note, I was focused on my Dad's work and the skills he brought to bear make these amazing reproduction parts...but I neglected to note my Mom's contributions to Yesterday's Radio.  Her devotion to the business (from handling the billing and order fulfillment to bagging parts) helped to make it a success, too.  I can say with confidence that Mom is one of the best money managers I've ever seen, and I'm proud of her, too.

Yesterday's Radio was a part of my parents' lives for nearly my entire adult life...and together they made a difference for collectors around the world.

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